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 "expressive and lovely"

                                             — Sequenza 21

Partridge Sky
鹧鸪天 (2022)

for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano

[ca.8’] Op. 46 Commissioned by Chamber Music Northwest for mezzo-soprano Fleur Barron and pianist Gloria Chien 

The Lily-Colored Jasmine Flowers
百合色的茉莉花 (2022)

for Soprano and Alto Saxophones

[ca.10’] Op. 45 Commissioned by Clifford Leaman and Joseph Lallo for the 19th Saxophone Congress in Japan

In Memory of Steve Stucky for Flute and Piano  

[ca.6’] Op. 37 Commissioned by Dolce Suono Duo

for Mezzo-Soprano, Violoncello and Piano  

[9’] Op.35 Commissioned by Jesselson/Fugo Duo to Celebrate the 300 year-old birthday of the Boquay cello

A Rhapsody for Soprano, Bass Baritone, Piano and an Actress

[ca.7’] Op. 32 Commissioned by Symphony Space and Hermitage Artist Retreat Florida

for Flute and String Quartet [ca.12'] Op. 29

Commissioned by Soundscape Eastasia Festival with funds from the Siemens Music Foundation

A Song Cycle for Soprano, Bass Baritone and Ensemble with live dance [ca.45'] Op. 28 Commissioned by the Koussevitzky Music Foundation and New Music USA

for Alto Saxophone and Marimba  [ca. 8'] Op. 27

Commissioned by Rose Wind Duo

for Saxophone Quartet and 4 Chinese Instruments 

[ca.16'] Op. 26 Commissioned by PRISM Quartet & Music From China & The National Endowment for the Arts

Images of Lake Erie (2010–11)

for Piano Quintet [ca.8'] Op. 25

Commissioned by Symphony Space for Ursula Oppens (piano) and the Cassatt Quartet

Tao 道 (2009–11)

for sheng (mouth organ) and violoncello [ca.12'] Op. 23

Commissioned by Wu Wei (Sheng) and Asian Arts Ensemble (Germany)

[20'04"] Op. 22 

Commissioned by Borealis String Quartet (Canada)

for Sextet [12'57"] Op. 16 

for Flute, Viola and Harp [6'56"] Op. 13

I. for Violin Duo and Drumset [8'02"] Op. 8

II. for Violin Duo [7'25"] Op. 12

for Two Pianos

I. Big Red [3'05"] Op.4

II. Pure White [3'08"] Op.7

III. Dark Blue [3'25"] Op.10

String Quartet No.1 & No.2 (1999-2002)

No.1: for String Quartet and a Dancer (1999, revised 2001) [22'14"] Op. 5
No.2: for Amplified String Quartet, Percussion and Samplers (2002)[10:43] Op. 9

for 7 Chinese Instruments [8' 17"] Op.2

Echoes of the Imaginary Skies
虚幻天空的回音 (2022-3)

for Solo Cello

[ca.14’] Op.47 Commissioned by Yiqun Xu with a Grant by the Presser Award

Blue Orchid Flowers on the Flowing Water
流水上的兰花花 (2022)

for Solo Harp

[ca.12’] Op.44 Commissioned by Intersection’s LISTEN project and National Endowment for the Arts.

Spring Bliss 春意 (2018)

for Solo Soprano Saxophone

[ca.10’] Op.39 Commissioned by Andrew J. Allen

for Solo Bassoon [12’] Op. 38

Commissioned by Mike Harley

Drunk in the Shade of Blossoms 醉花阴 (2017)

for Solo Piano [9’] Op. 36 Commissioned by Joanne Chang

In Memory of Steve Stucky for Toy Piano and Piano 

[ca.2’] Op. 34 Commissioned by Los Angeles Philharmonic Association

for Flute and Narrator [ca.16'] Op. 31

for Guitar(s) and Live Electronics [11'42"] Op. 18

Commissioned by IRCAM-Paris

Suite for Organ [ca.20'] Op. 17

Commissioned by Annette Richards

for Solo Cello [10'40"] Op. 6

Commissioned by Bank of America Gallery

Ban Qiang Melody 板腔调 (1996) 

for Piano Solo [4’] Op. 1

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