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2022 By LOMAZOV-RACKERS on MSR Recording

Contains Fang Man's Two Colors: Big Red & Pure White for Two Pianos (1997 & 2001)

Come Closer.webp
Come Closer
2019 By Michael Harley on New Focus Recording

Contains Fang Man's Lament for solo bassoon which was premiered in 2017 

Garlands for Steven Stucky
2018 By.Gloria Cheng on Bridge Record

Contains Fang Man's That raindrops have hastened the falling Flowers for Toy Piano and Piano 


Devils Garden _ Angels Landing (feat. Scott Herring & Clifford Leaman).webp
Devils Garden/Angels Landing
2016 By RoseWind Duo on Tresona Multimedia

Contains Fang Man's Soundscapes of the Four Seasons for Alto Saxophone and Marimba is commissioned and recorded by RoseWind Duo Cliff Leaman and Scott Herring

The Singing Gobi Desert.webp
The Singing Gobi Desert
2014 By PRISM Quartet on Innova

Contains Fang Man's Dream of a Hundred Flowers 百花之梦 for PRISM Quartet and Music From China with Guest artists: Nové Deypalan, conductor; Hu Jianbing, sheng

[Click to see the liner note]

Emerging Composers.webp
The Singing Gobi Desert

Contains Fang Man's Resurrection 重生 for Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra with Live Electronics (ACO Commission) 


American Composers Orchestra, Derek Bermel, clarinet solo; George Manahan, conductor; Alexis Baskind & Fang Man,live electronics.


[Click to see the liner note]

2018 By Boian Videnoff 

Rising-star conductor Boian Videnoff will conduct and record four orchestral works: Noir, Aqua, Resurrection and Deluge in 2018. More information coming soon. 


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