Esa-Pekka Salonen plans innovative 109th SF Symphony Season
San Francisco Symphony is slated to perform a new composition by Chinese-born American composer Fang Man in March 2021

"The world premiere of Chinese-born American composer Fang Man’s yet untitled composition blending Chinese and Greek mythology is on a program from March 11–13, 2021 with the rarely-performed Scriabin’s “Prometheus: The Poem of Fire” and Beethoven’s “Creatures of Prometheus.” 

                                 JANOS GEREBEN, San Francisco EXAMINER (2020)

That Raindrops have Hastened the Falling Flowers
In Memory of Steven Stucky for Piano & Toy Piano (2016)
Contributed work invited by Esa-Pekka Salonen & LA Philharmonic Association

"Fang Man included a toy piano in her “That raindrops have hastened the falling flowers,” hastening the blossoming of melody."

                                Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times (2018)

“Perhaps the most touching tribute to Stucky is the way both young composers followed in Stucky's resonant, radiant and playful footsteps without sounding anything like him. Mandy Fang's "That raindrops have hastened the falling flowers" had Mark Robson playing a toy piano with his right hand and a grand with his left, the toy's tinkle acting like rain on the grand's flowery chords. The ringing character of Joseph Phibbs' Elegy, featuring Vicki Ray, was flowery in a different but just as resonant way.”    

                                 Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times (2016)

“The pieces for piano, all short, all more or less ruminative, were by James Matheson, Anders Hillborg, Mandy Fang, Joseph Phibbs, Magnus Lindberg and Salonen and were played by a succession of pianists from Piano Spheres. Fang’s “That raindrops have hastened the falling flowers” made effective use of a toy piano in duet with the grand (Mark Robeson handled it capably). Lindberg’s “Fratello” evoked Ravel, a strong influence on Stucky. Salonen’s “Iscrizione” started with single notes and gathered into a swirl and trills before dissipating.”


                                Timothy Mangan, The Orange County Register 

Dream of a Hundred Flowers for Saxophone Quartet and 4 Chinese Instruments (2011) 
Commissioned by PRISM Quartet and Music From China with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts 

"An expert molder of near-chaotic energies, she assigned her melody to the erhu (a    two-stringed fiddle), played expressively by Wang Guowei. His song was swiftly  engulfed in vivid whorls of colorful turbulence and dreamy illogic; at various points  the Prism players supplied livid hisses, split-tone growls and a near-cartoonish big-  band bounce."


                               Steve Smith, The New York Times 

“Fang Man’s Dream of a Hundred Flowers (2011, erhu, sheng, pipa, yangqin, and saxophone quartet) finds each saxophone paired with one of the Chinese instruments in a study, really a celebration, of the melodic styles associated with Chinese opera, with some very jazzy harmonies popping up from time to time. Over the length of the pieces, the duos join with other duos and the two quartets explore different relationships, like characters in an opera. It is a shapely piece, expressive and lovely.” 

                                                                                        - Sequenza 21 review 

Earth A Song Cycle for Soprano, Bass-Baritone and Ensemble with Dance (2010-12) 
Commissioned by Dolce Suono Ensemble with Grants from the Koussevitzky Music Foundation and NewMusicUSA 

"The best of the new pieces was Song of Sorrow by Chinese composer Fang Man,    which used the 8th-century verse of Li Bai, whom Mahler accessed in Das Lied von  der Erde in German translation. The text used in the new piece went back to the  original Chinese, in words dealing with political as well as emotional betrayal; vocal  lines were stately, while the instrumental writing showed restless invention."


                          David Patrick Stearns, The Philadelphia Inquirer 

Deluge for Large Ensemble with Electronics (2008-9) 
Commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association  

"During Deluge, ...I admired the way the composer amassed earthy, electro-acoustic  sounds, Evoking flood disasters and dizzying chaos..."


                       Anthony Tommasini, Music Editor, The New York Times 

"Fang Man's Deluge, inspired by a Kandinsky painting of the same was impressive as a rocket launch, which at one point it sounded like."


                      Timothy Mangan, Music Editor, The Orange County Register 

Resurrection for Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra with Live Electronics (2008) 
Commissioned by the American Composers Orchestra  and Underwood Foundation

"...During the first part of Ms. Fang's 17-minute work (Resurrection) Mr. Bermel leapt, slurred and growled over roiling instrumental textures, jagged rhythms and electronic effects that hissed and jabbered around the hall through loudspeakers. Amid the din - and despite a soloist amplified to occasionally ear-splitting effect - you heard constant evidence of Ms. Fang's inventive palette. A barking clarinet line, distantly echoed by the concertmaster and a muted tuba, is followed by a limpid solo melody set against tingling harp and metal percussion. The second part, more densely electronic, includes a breathtaking passage that suggests phantom voices lost in a purple-gray Ligetian fog."


                      Steve Smith, Music Editor, The New York Times 

"...Resurrection inspired by the stylized chaos and narrative formality of Peking opera - full of crazed, intricate interplay, and with a level of energy and invention..." 

                  David Patrick Stearns, The Philadelphia Inquirer 

Noir for Orchestra (2005) 
2005 Centre Acanthes Festival 

"...Noir by Chinese-born composer Fang Man. Her well-crafted score, receiving its  U.S. premiere in this concert, is launched by deep rumblings in the orchestra, later  punctuated by jazzy flashes of brass and percussion, and finally brought to a  galloping, thunderous close. It all added up last night to a concise, involving little  drama in a spicy harmonic language that seemed to keep the players thoroughly  involved."

                                      Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun 

Aqua In Memoriam Toru Takemitsu for Large Orchestra (2003-4) 
2007 Toru Takemitzu Award 

"The work by Man Fang, who lives in the United States, is an elegant writer and  stands out with fresh sensibility." In commenting her work AQUA, "This is an  outstanding piece. In employing transforming sound waves to create a landscape of  light and water, it offered a superb unity. The second movement, "AQUA," was  fascinating to me. The third movement, although short, had poetic emotional  expression and was also very impressive."


       Akira Nishimura, Composer, Judge of the Toru Takemitsu Award 2007 


gbtimes (Finland) Interview 

   "FANG MAN: computer-aided composition is my passion" 
  - Hanna Virtanen, Music Editor, gbtimes-Finland, Full text 

The Cleveland Plain Dealer Interview 

   "Baldwin-Wallace College's Focus Festival salutes composer-in-residence Fang Man" 
  - Donald Rosenberg, Music Editor, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Full text 

The Cleveland Plain Dealer Review 

   "B-W festival a cornucopia of clamorous and delicate musical activity" 
  - Donald Rosenberg, Music Editor, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Full text 

ACO interview "Composer Mandy Fang Returns to ACO with Wires" 

- Molly Sheridan, Managing Editor, NewMusicBox

In awarding Ms. Fang the Underwood Commission, ACO has singled her out as "a major force in orchestral music over the next few years."  

                                        - Robert Beaser, ACO Artistic Director 

    ... called her music "a delight"... "Mandy has a strong musical voice with a lot to say in the future." 

                                      - George Manahan, ACO Music Director

Radar News: "Fang Man Wins ACO's 2006 Underwood Emerging Composers Commission" 

               - Molly Sheridan, Managing Editor, NewMusicBox